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HMO Finance is a specialist finance product which is used to purchase and renovate either buildings which are already HMO’s or alternative to convert standard residential or commercial building into HMO’s.

Our panel of specialist HMO finance lenders provide high quality funding solutions and prompt decisions. Indicative finance terms will normally be provided within 24 hours. An agreement in principle can normally be expected within 48 hours, once the initial application form has been processed.

Our advisers have lots of HMO finance experience, working with lots of HMO investors and developers throughout the HMO development cycle, from acquisition, to refurbishment to refinance.
Our team work with a wide variety of different HMO lenders, from bridgers through to development finance houses, and term lenders we proviode HMO finance crafted to match your needs perfectly.
Discuss your ideas for a HMO project with our team and we’ll work closely with you to formulate the right funding solution, providing you with the best possible returns on your investment.
  • Fast indicative HMO finance terms.
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Different Types of HMO Finance

A brief overview of the 3 key funding options for HMOs.
Bridging Finance for HMOs is often used to acquire properties, whilst the developer or investor carries out restructuring works or secures planning consent for the property.
Development Finance is often required for HMOs, particularly larger projects. CMB provide a wide variety of development finance options for HMOs for our clients.
Once work is completed, then developers and investors will seek to refinance their assets on to term debt, based upon the increase in either value or income that they have generated.

Frequently asked questions

Got a question? We have the answer.

When should I consider HMO finance?

We regularly facilitate HMO finance facilities for the following circumstances:

    • Purchasing an existing HMO.
    • Purchasing a residential property to turn into a HMO.
    • Purchasing a commercial property to convert into a HMO.

What types of HMO finance is available?

There are 3 different types of finance used for HMO’s, there are outlined below:

  • HMO Purchase finance – this can either be as a stand-alone bridging loan, or alternatively can be part of a development finance facility.
  • HMO Development finance – HMO Development finance will normally either purchase the building and then provide funding for the build process, or alternative refinance another finance facility.
  • HMO Exit finance – HMO Exit finance is an exit facility to refinance an asset once the works have been carried out.

How long does it take to arrange HMO finance?

We work closely with our HMO funding partners to provide a prompt and efficient turnaround. Where we add value is by pushing transactions forwards across the line, we work closely with solicitors, valuers, lenders and other intermediaries to ensure that the transactions complete promptly.

How much can I borrow with HMO finance?

HMO Finance starts from around £100k up to around £2m

How does an HMO loan work?

There are 3 distinct areas of funding for HMO finance, bridging finance to purchase, development finance facilities to build and HMO exit finance to refinance once the work has been carried out. Each of these facilities will have different terms and different types of lenders that provide them. Please get in touch with our team to discuss your HMO funding requirements in more detail and we can quickly answer any questions which you may have.

What costs are associated with HMO finance?

HMO Finance Costs will vary depending on the loan to gross development value (LTGDV) that you require, typically the higher the loan amount against the gross development value the higher the cost of funding. Rates typically start at around 3-4% per annum.

Additional costs that investors and developers need to consider include:

  • Acceptance fees.
  • Broker fees.
  • Monitoring surveyor fees.
  • Exit fees.
  • Valuation fees.
  • Legal fees.


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